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Alastair Fraser; Canadian Rural Revitalization – Public Bank Coalition Canada

The revolutionary importance of the Currency Union District surrounding a Community Investment Merchant Bank is a concept that may easily be overlooked. This Sparkassen concept is really the only foreign aspect that would be new to Canadians. This innovative construct is defined as a geographical area in which the Community Reserve Land-Bank is allowed to operate. It should hold some historic reasons and or cultural significance for the founders of the investment bank. The power of the Sparkassen model which we hope to replicate and that accounts for the remarkable success of the Sparkassen system I believe is due to the profound relationship the populace has to land or area comprising the selected currency union district;

Two hundred years of unbroken financial and capital infrastructure building through great upheavals which include three major wars, two great depressions and a period of terrible destructive inflation and deflation. During all this time not a single Sparkassen bank failure occurred. Note too, never did any Sparkassen Bank receive help from the German Government or the German Central Bank. Yet, other German Banking systems have been propped up many times, some repeatedly.

The Sparkassen Banks are still the most profitable banking system year after year. This is reflected in the lower rates and charges which Sparkassen members pay. It is also reflected in the intense loyalty of the populace toward the Sparkassen. Historically, Sparkassen investors have been happy to accept lower yields on their investments in Sparkassen Banks. They are generally, pleased to see in general Sparkassen villages and towns prospering and to watch family, friends and neighbours doing well. This community spirit became their reward for being Sparkassen investors. PBC Canada that the typical Canadian investor has bought into the Neoliberal myth of the rugged individualist. Yet, we maintain a reasonable prediction that the future typical CRLB co-op member and the investor will be local, native-born and therefore community-oriented and loyal as in Germany.