Alastair Ian Fraser
Governor & President

The Board of Governors of Public Bank Coalition Canada (PBC Canada) are independent Regional Leaders who are the informal national face and embodiment of our Mission, Vision and local Goals throughout Canada.

The Governors are the grounded advisors which provide energy and global direction to the managers and Directors of the Coalition plus significant regional insight. The Governors form a local presence, first go-to-person, spokesperson and informal representative intermediary for local community members who are first investigating the Public Bank Movement in Canada. The Governors act form a well-grounded senatorial and policy voice of sober second thought for the development of Public Bank Coalition Canada.


If you are interested in supporting the Public Bank movement in Canada and want more information about serving as a PBC Canada Governor please contact Mr. Alastair Fraser. Executive Director, PBC Canada Bank Movement in Canada.


Alastair Ian Fraser
Founder & Chair

The Board of Directors of Public Bank Coalition Canada (PBC Canada) are responsible for the operations, policy development and management of functions and programs of the Coalition to realize the Mission, Vision and Goals for the Public Bank Movement in Canada.

Fraser, A.I., developed his research skills as an educator practicing Mathematics as an instructor and Teacher in Saskatchewan and Ontario. He is the author of several articles and writes a Blog on Revitalize Rural and Small Town Canada concerning Rural Depopulation, Decapitalization and the Means and Methods of Re-invigorating the Canadian Rural Economy. He has written 10 Pamphlets which constitute outlines for a book, Rural Canada Renaissance. This includes a literature survey of Rural Revitalization Coalition publications and How Public Investment Banks are a solution. A second publication traces the history and evolution of the current private banking system, showing how it usurped the power to create money from the public, and how the people can take that power back through public investment banks that operate in the public interest. A third synopsis outlines public banking models found in several nations around the world. These serve as inspiration and models for the Community Reserve Investment Cooperatives advocated by Public Bank Coalition Canada. Alastair has degrees from Western Univ. London, Carleton Univ., Ottawa and Queens Univ. Kingston.


Coordinators and Directors of various Operations, Functions and Policy Areas of Public Bank Coalition Canada.


The Board of Advisors to Public Bank Coalition Canada consists of several independent private individuals with business, banking and successful experience in various fields associated with Rural Canada. National leadership in helping establish public investment banks within Rural Canada’s local, county. regional, municipal, and provincial or territorial government jurisdictions is informed and guided by some of the world’s most prominent economists, researchers and policy influencers.


CEFA is a group of independent individuals with expertise in the fields of Economics and Banking who act informally as Advisors to Public Bank Coalition Canada.